3 Reasons To Be Pet-Friendly

You hear all about the problems animals cause for landlords, but you may not be as familiar with the benefits of allowing your tenants to have pets.
renting with pets

Deciding to rent to tenants with pets is a personal choice. Things that you may consider in your decision to allow pets could be the type of flooring you have (hardwood and large dogs don’t go together), whether or not you are okay with a dog damaging the landscaping, or if the strata’s bylaws permit pets.

That said, there are definitely some benefits to allowing pets.

  1. More tenants interested in your property. If you allow pets in your rental property, you can access a larger pool of renters who own pets. Conversely, if you say “no pets,” in your rental listing, you’ll be eliminating some quality candidates.
  2. Charge higher rent. Check to see what is for rent in your area. If there are not a lot of pet-friendly rental, tenants will have fewer options and you may be able to charge a slightly higher rent if you allow a pet. Some landlords always try to rent to tenants with pets because it is such a fantastic opportunity to make more money. 
  3. Long-term tenants. Pet owners tend to stick around longer. Moving with a pet is harder because there are fewer places to rent that allow pets.

If you plan to allow pets, you can always restrict the number, size and type of pets, and there are some additional rental application questions you will want to ask.  It is best if you get the answers in writing to protect yourself should a dispute arise. These questions are:

  • How many pets do you own?
  • What is the pet’s breed and size?
  • How old is the pet?
  • How long have you owned the pet?
  • What is the pet’s name?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where your animal has acted out of aggression towards anyone or any other animal?
  • Are you solely responsible for the pet?
  • Is the pet trained?
  • Is the pet updated on his or her vaccines?
  • Does the pet get along with other people, other animals, and children?

It is recommended you have a rock solid pet agreement that you can attach as an addendum to your rental agreement. You can find a Pet Agreement in the Rental Forms section of this website.

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