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#1 Way To Screen Tenants That Will Make Your Life Easier

Do endless phone calls and messages asking is this still available drive you crazy? Learn what two sentences you can add to your rental ads to make pre-screening tenants so much simpler.

6 Mistakes Landlords Make And How To Avoid Them

Whether you are a new or veteran landlord, here are six of the most common mistakes that landlords make. Be sure to avoid these mistakes that can eat into your time and profits.

9 Important Rental Reference Questions You Should Be Asking

Finding the perfect tenant for your rental property requires due diligence and patience. Taking the time to ensure your renter is responsible may save you the hassle of eviction and expensive repairs down the road.

9 Sure-Fire Ways To Avoid Bad Tenants

Selecting a good tenant is crucial to the success of your real estate rental business. Learn how to avoid nightmare renters.

5 Best Techniques To Investigate Prospective Tenants

A savvy landlord needs to play the role of a private investigator to determine who will make a successful tenant. Learn about what sleuth work you should be doing for every applicant.