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Hi there.

My name is Lee.

I live in the Okanagan and am a former renter turned landlord who would like to help you get to know and understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant in BC.

Let's talk about renting

I was once a tenant. That’s not surprising as there are 1.5 million people who rent in BC. That is about 30% of our population. Who knew! I’m now a landlord and am here to be your virtual wing-woman when it comes to dealing with rental stuff.

But maybe you’re asking yourself…

Why would I want to hear what a landlord has to say?

That’s a great question. I have been in your shoes and now have over 15 years of experience as a landlord. I am also a stickler about people knowing their rights and responsibilities. So maybe, just maybe, it does make a little sense that I could possibly have something valuable to say. I hope you can agree.

I have a reasonable idea of how most landlords think and can give you some creative ideas on avoiding a rent increase, breaking a lease, getting the rental you want, and renting a place with a pet.

In a perfect world, you would have mutual respect and great communication with your landlord, and you’d resolve all your mutual concerns in a considerate way. However, if that were the case, there wouldn’t be 19,000+ applications for dispute resolution every year. 

I truly hope I can be of service to you in offering tips and suggestions that can improve your tenant-landlord relationship so that you can avoid the stress of going through a Residential Tenancy Branch hearing.

Did you know
that landlords are required by law to give you a receipt when you pay in cash?

Rent Receipt

Download this free and fillable rent receipt.

Damage Deposit Receipt

Download this free and fillable damage/security deposit receipt.

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Tired Of Renting?

If you are interested in making the shift from renting to buying a home, I highly recommend you do a little reading first (and not just online). Buying your first home is an investment that shouldn’t be taken likely. These are the books I read that taught me personal finance skills and guided me through my first home purchase.