If you’ve ever had bad tenants, you know that great tenants are priceless. So why not reward them! Here are some seriously awesome gift ideas and tenant thank you greeting samples for Christmas or whenever you want to show you care.

It is certainly not necessary to give your tenants anything, but if you have a tenant who pays on time and is respectful to your property, doing something nice like giving a small gift can be good for business.

Maintaining happy tenants can help transform them into long-term renters. And having quality long-term renters can minimize wear and tear on your property, as well as reduce turnover and the need to advertise, interview and screen new tenants, thereby saving you time and money.

So assuming your tenant participates in celebrating Christmas, here is a list of the most appreciated gifts that will go a long way to keeping your tenant happy.

Most Appreciated Gifts

Gift cards. Of course you knew this would be on the list. Always a big hit, and many retailers make it easy to buy gift cards for various stores and online retailers at one place. Just make sure to be thoughtful about the convenience of where they can spend it. Don’t get them a gift card for Galaxy Cinemas if the closest one is 50 km away. Also, be sympathetic to their economic situation. If they are low-income tenants, perhaps a gift card for groceries is better than one for iTunes.

Rent reduction. This one is sure to make any tenant happy. I would suggest giving the tenant a card and include a clearly written message stating the amount to take off and for what month so there’s no question.

Gift baskets. This is a bit more work if you plan to put it together yourself, but it is a very nice idea and can be customized to the tenant if you know what they like. Ideas of items to include: coffee, tea, chocolates, or you could create a themed gift basket such as movie-night, pasta night, spa night, car care, etc.

Bottle of wine. Who doesn’t love to receive a bottle of wine? Need I say more?

Gifts That Give Back

While the above-mentioned gifts are the most popular, here are some unconventional (and not completely selfless) gift ideas that some may prefer to give.

Upgrades. A tenant will always want to live in a better place so why not ask them periodically what property upgrades would be on their wish list. Don’t make any promises; just let them know you’d like to have their input. It might be something as little as a smart thermostat or as big as a new fridge. Or maybe the place needs a fresh coat of paint. When they’ve given you some ideas, choose the one that adds the most value to your property. In turn, you will make your tenants happy and if they decide to move, you’ll be able to collect a higher rent.

Dump run. So often tenants have stuff to go to the dump and don’t have a truck to take it there. Why not give the gift of a dump run. If you give them some dates to choose from, it would give them a chance to clean out some clutter, and help clean up your property.

House cleaning. Give the gift of a clean home by hiring a professional cleaning service for a couple hours to clean your tenant’s home. Who wouldn’t love to have their house cleaned! And win-win if you know a house cleaner that is comfortable to report any concerns back to you.

Cleaning Products. Everyone needs to clean their home so why not gift a cleaning gift basket filled with cleaning products.

Handwritten Tenant Appreciation Greetings

You have to give respect to get respect so if you want your tenant to smile when he or she is paying you rent, thank them in a personalized card. Make it short, specific and authentic. Here are some sample greetings to start you off.

  • I want to express my sincere thanks to you. You have been exceptional in caring for your home and that means a lot to me.  And honestly, your yard always looks nicer than any others on the street!
  • I am very grateful to have you renting my suite. I appreciate how well you take care of the place and letting me know right away when maintenance issues come up.
  • Thank you so much for making (insert address) your home.  Please accept this token of my appreciation. You are amazing.

If this is the first time you’ve done this, here are a couple more ideas of what to write.

  • I wanted to take this special time of year to thank you for being wonderful tenants. I am happy that our paths crossed 4 years ago and that we’ve been able to care and enjoy a mutual respect for each other.
  • I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for being such wonderful residents of my rental house. We could not have met nicer people who have shown such care and respect for their home and yard. Thank you.