5 Tips To Write A Killer Rental Ad (SAMPLES)

Follow these five recommendations to create a killer advertisement that will get at least 200% more attention than a regular-worded ad. Samples included!
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In a hot rental market, spending the time to write the perfect ad may not be necessary, but if you are struggling to rent out your unit or perhaps want top dollar you are going to need to spice it up a little. Here are some recommended ad tips with samples.

Your ad must have a good headline or subject line. Your ad must stand out from the rest, and do not use capital letters to accomplish this. The headline can be off the wall such as “Must rent. Going to Jamaica” or “Goldfish welcome!”, or simply show an important benefit to the reader such as: “Show Off Your New Home” or “You’ll Love It Here!”

Write your ad to target your ideal tenant. Be clear in who you are looking for. Here is an example: “Ideally suited for a senior with a small pet.”

Make sure you address your reader’s needs. What I mean by this is put yourself in the shoes of your ideal renter. What are they looking for – safety, privacy, a clean home and so on. Try not to sound like a typical ad.  Remember your target market are people and talk to them as such.

Make your ad as long as it needs to be. With online advertising there is usually no limit to the amount of words you can use.  Be sure to use lots of adjectives such as “sunny patio” and “bright kitchen” so readers can get a visual picture in their mind.

Show great photos. Readers look at photos more closely than reading the ad so great photos are uber important. The best photos to use are ones of your rental when it is vacant. If you don’t have photos of the place when it’s vacant, make sure you use ones that show the property looking extremely neat and tidy. This is subliminally showing readers the kind of people you rent to. Make sure your photos have good lighting and are clear. Take photos of the entrance such as the front door with a new welcome mat, plus all the main rooms – kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry and bedrooms. Try to get as much in the photo as possible as readers will study the photos to determine layout and size.

Appeal to their emotion. Leave your reader with a feeling of emotion so they are drawn in by your ad.  Create a desire and a picture in their mind. Here are some examples: Enjoy the sunset as you relax on your spacious and covered patio. Relax in your private, fenced back yard. After a long day, soak away the stress in the 2 person bathtub.

Make it easy for them to contact you. And if you want to make it easy for you to pre-screen your applicants, you really want to read this article – #1 Way To Screen Tenants That Will Make Your Life Easier

Here are some killer ad samples:

So when you put it all together, you’ll end up with a pretty awesome ad such as this:

Sit in the cool of your fully fenced back yard as you enjoy the sunset after a long day at work. Two bedrooms plus den including large master bedroom with private ensuite. Quiet yet close to shopping. Bright and clean. Ideally suited to two working professionals. Only $1010 per month. Reply to this ad with more information about who is interested in renting this suite.

Be proud to show off your new home! Spacious and bright 1 bedroom condo in quiet, safe complex. Professionally designed and tastefully renovated. Perfect for retired or semi-retired single person. Walking distance to river. Only $800 per month including in-suite laundry. Please reply to this ad with a brief introduction about yourself.

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