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Finding A Place To Rent

6 Tips For Finding Pet-Friendly Rentals

Discover some ways that will increase your chances of getting the place you want . . . with your furry companion.

How To Apply For Subsidized Housing

The term subsidized housing gets used a lot. Learn what it means and find out if you are eligible.

5 Ways To Impress Your Future Landlord

Discover what can you do and say to win over a landlord and get the place. Read these tips to ensure you are the chosen renter.

What You Never Want To Tell A Landlord

Landlords often make judgments on potential renters very quickly. If you want to make a good first impression and be seriously considered as a rental applicant, read this. Plus examples of what you should say.

4 Steps To Getting The Rental You Want (Samples Of What To Say)

When there are so few places to rent, you need all the help you can get to increase your chance of getting a showing appointment or even a phone call or email back. Read these important tips.