5 Ways To Impress Your Future Landlord

Discover what can you do and say to win over a landlord and get the place. Read these tips to ensure you are the chosen renter.
impress landlord

A landlord’s number one goal is to make sure you can pay the rent so only look for and apply for places you know you can afford. Feel free to let the landlord know this. You can say something like “I really like your place and it’s well within my budget so I will have no issues with paying the rent.”

Know your credit history. Be prepared to have your credit checked but you can also alleviate any concerns a landlord might have by saying that you have excellent credit, if you do. You can also show them a screen shot of your credit score on the free app called Credit Karma.

Have enough cash in the bank. Remember that to secure a rental, you will need to have at least a half month’s rent (plus a pet deposit of a half month’s rent, if applicable). It’s a huge red flag to a landlord if you show concern over being able to pay a security deposit (also known as a damage deposit).

Clean up and dress up. A big turn off for a landlord is someone who smells like their last cigarette. Clean up, smell good and dress like you’re going to a job interview. You don’t have to overdo it, but a tidy appearance makes a world of difference.

Be on time. A landlord usually schedules showings back to back in 10, 15 or 30 minute intervals so be on time or you’re going to throw the entire schedule off. If you can’t make your scheduled showing appointment, phone or text to cancel as early as possible. Expect that you may not be rescheduled as there are usually many others trying to get the same rental.

Be respectful and kind. Even if you walk into a rental unit and know instantly that it’s not a good fit for you, be kind and offer some honest compliments such as “I really like the flooring you chose”. You don’t know how many other units this landlord or property manager may have for rent and so be respectful and kind. This will make you memorable.

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