Temporary support measures have been put in place for landlords and tenants to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Listen up, folks. We’re all in this together and so we need to work together until this thing is over.  Tenants, try as you might to pay your rent because a tenant who has not paid rent could face eviction once the state of emergency is over. Landlords, please work with your tenants in an understanding way. Let’s be kind to one another.

We can agree that these measures are not too supportive for landlords. Even though there are mortgage deferral options through some of the banks, who’s kidding who. A deferral still means you need to pay it, but later, and with interest. In the end, it’s costing you more money. There are no deferral options for other rental related costs such as strata fees, property taxes (not yet, anyway), home insurance, the list goes on.

Here are the support measures in a nutshell (as of March 27, 2020):

  • There is a temporary rent support of up to $500 per month. Tenants need to apply through BC Housing. This will be paid directly to landlords.
  • Unless in exceptional situations (health, safety, damage control), a landlord may not issue a new notice to end tenancy for any reason.
  • Landlords cannot enter their rental units without the tenant’s consent.
  • Annual rent increases are frozen during this state of emergency.
  • Landlords and tenants can now use email to serve documents.

Read the full list of supports and rules for BC renters and landlords: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/housing-tenancy/covid-19-support

Stay healthy and safe.