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Landlord Secrets

7 Private Things Landlords Are Not Allowed To Ask You

Is your landlord getting too personal? You might be surprised to find out what information you are allowed to keep private.
Researching tenants online

Are Landlords Rejecting You? 6 Tips To Clean Up Your Online Presence

There has never been more information available online and that means a landlord can learn a lot more about you than what you tell them. Learn where most landlords find this information and how you can clean up your online presence.
advice from landlords

Landlord Secrets: 15 Insider Tips To Getting The Place You Want

Landlords reveal 15 things they wish tenants knew. Following their advice will increase your chances of finding and getting a place to rent.

4 Steps To Getting The Rental You Want (Samples Of What To Say)

When there are so few places to rent, you need all the help you can get to increase your chance of getting a showing appointment or even a phone call or email back. Read these important tips.