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6 Tips For Finding Pet-Friendly Rentals

Discover some ways that will increase your chances of getting the place you want . . . with your furry companion.

How To Apply For Subsidized Housing

The term subsidized housing gets used a lot. Learn what it means and find out if you are eligible.
Tips To Get Out Of A Lease Early

3 Ways To Get Out Of A Lease Early (With Sample Letter To Landlord)

Are you locked in a lease and need to leave your rental unit before the lease is up? Read about what a lease is and learn some tips to help you get out early.

6 Key Financial Supports For BC Renters

Learn about the many financial programs and rental supports available to help low income earners who rent in BC. Do you live in BC and...

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Fast

Gaak! These rusty red coloured bugs are nasty little critters. Here’s what should you do if you think you have them.

#1 Rent Support for BC Seniors Age 60+

One out of five seniors in BC receive a cash subsidy toward their rent. Find out if you are eligible.

COVID-19 Support For Landlords And Tenants in BC

Temporary support measures have been put in place for landlords and tenants to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Listen up, folks. We're all in this together...

Subsidized Housing Opportunities For Seniors

BC Housing provides two forms of subsidized housing for seniors in British Columbia. Learn more.

7 Private Things Landlords Are Not Allowed To Ask You

Is your landlord getting too personal? You might be surprised to find out what information you are allowed to keep private.

My Landlord Wants To Evict Me

Learn about the reasons a landlord can end your tenancy and what you can do if they are being unlawful in trying to evict you.