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Investing In Rental Properties

How To Get Started In Real Estate Investing

Over 90% of millionaires have made their money through investing in real estate. Learn how to get started!

Advice On Selling Your Rental Property

You’ve decided it’s time to sell your rental property. Learn how to break the news to your tenants with tips on encouraging them to move before you list.

7 Reasons Condos Make Great Investment Properties

Are you considering buying a condo as a rental property? Explore why condominiums are often the preferred vehicle for first-time investors. Download our free Condo Buyer's Due Diligence Questionnaire.

Are You Cut Out To Be A Landlord?

Investing in rental properties is not a passive investment. Ask yourself these 3 questions to see if you’re up to the challenge of being a landlord.

#1 Way To Screen Tenants That Will Make Your Life Easier

Do endless phone calls and messages asking is this still available drive you crazy? Learn what two sentences you can add to your rental ads to make pre-screening tenants so much simpler.

COVID-19 Support For Landlords And Tenants in BC

Temporary support measures have been put in place for landlords and tenants to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Listen up, folks. We're all in this together...

6 Mistakes Landlords Make And How To Avoid Them

Whether you are a new or veteran landlord, here are six of the most common mistakes that landlords make. Be sure to avoid these mistakes that can eat into your time and profits.

5 Tips To Write A Killer Rental Ad

Follow these five recommendations to create a killer advertisement that will get at least 200% more attention than a regular-worded ad. Samples included!

5 Things Tenants (Almost) Never Clean

One of the most frustrating things about managing properties is the move-out inspection. Learn about the 5 things you should always check and your...

The Art of Dealing With Demanding Tenants

Landlords should be aware that being able to say “no” to tenants is really important to running a business. Here are some tips to help you.