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About Me

You are probably asking yourself . . . who is the genius behind this saucy website?  Well, that’s me! My name is Lee. I have also been called the condo queen, the best landlord ever, and some pretty nasty unrepeatable names by some pretty nasty tenants. 

I decided to create this site many sunrises ago because I am (mostly) convinced that landlords and tenants can actually work together. Yes, imagine that! Insert wide eyed emoji. Whether we’re talking about tenants having to deal with crappy landlords or landlords having to deal with crappy tenants, there is often a solution that can avoid arbitration and the sleepless nights that go along with it.

As a landlord, or to use the new trendy term housing provider, I treat my tenants as equals. What the heck does that mean? Well my philosophy is this. You have to give respect to get respect. When something breaks, I get it fixed … stat. I call the plumber, change out the weather stripping, whatever it is I am on it like flies on honey. That’s how I’d expect to be treated. When I give a rent increase, I attach a letter explaining why. It is usually a reason like the insurance has gone up (it always does) or the strata fees have increased (they usually do). I don’t want my tenants ever thinking that I just arbitrarily decided to take more of their hard earned money. I also thank them for taking such good care of their home. Their home, not mine. My name might be on title, but I don’t live there. In the presence of a tenant, I never refer to myself as their landlord. Along the same lines, I don’t ever call my tenant my tenant or my renter to their face. Even in the suite of my own house, I have introduced my tenant as my housemate. The way I see it is the rental contract does a good enough job letting them know I call the shots, so why rub it in.

There’s a lot more stuff I do and don’t do, but you get the picture. Plain and simple, my way of doing things keeps my life uncomplicated and relatively stress-free. Yes, there’s always that one nut bar that slips through my rigorous screening, but mostly everything glides along smooth as butter.  Fundamentally, my philosophy keeps my tenants wanting to pay me on time, take care of my property and stay living there. All the things that make my business a success and my income relatively passive.

In addition to the juicy tips I write about, I have offered you some pretty skookum rental forms. While most are free, others have a small fee to cover my time, hair pulling, crumpled up bits of paper, loud sighing and so on. These are really, really great rental forms; the absolute best ones you’ll find out there. Believe me, I have looked. Of course, as the condo queen I use them myself.

Happy reading and happy renting!  If you need to reach me for any reason, email me at

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