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There are an estimated 1.5 million tenants in British Columbia. That is approximately 30% of our population!  With such a huge number, the odds that you will be involved in a tenancy dispute are worth betting on.

Discover some creative ways to avoid the headache of arbitration, and to live in harmony with your landlord or tenant.



Please note that the 2021 rent increase freeze has been extended until December 31, 2021. More information is available on the government’s website here.


3 Ways To Get Out Of A Lease Early (With Sample Letter To Landlord)

Tips To Get Out Of A Lease Early
Are you locked in a lease and need to leave your rental unit before the lease is up? Read about what a lease is and learn some tips to help you get out early.

6 Key Financial Supports For BC Renters

Learn about the many financial programs and rental supports available to help low income earners who rent in BC. Do you live in BC and are struggling to pay your rent? There may be a program or support in this list that can help you...


Rental Terms You Don’t Want To Miss (With Examples)

An addendum is a critical piece of your rental agreement and can mean the difference between a stressful tenant dispute and peace of mind. Here are the terms you should be including in your addendum.

10 Key Rules On Damage Deposits

Know the rules in BC on damage deposits
Get the rules in BC about security deposits and pet damage deposits at the start and the end of a rental term, and find out if you should be getting interest on the return of your damage deposit.