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Subsidized Housing in British Columbia

Subsidized housing is long-term housing with the rent geared to your income. It is for people who permanently reside in BC at the time of applying, and with a gross household income below a certain limit. There is quite a lot of demand for subsidized housing so the wait can be long. It depends on the number of units and turnovers and the needs of other households applying for housing. When you apply, you are placed into one of five categories, with priority based on the urgency of your housing needs.

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To apply, you must fall under one of these categories:

Families: Must include a minimum of two people including one dependent child.

Seniors: Must be age 55 or older.

People with Disabilities: Must be able to live independently and be in receipt of a recognized disability pension or are considered disabled for income tax purposes.

Low income singles must meet low income requirements. 

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