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Reference Check Questions for Landlords


When checking rental references, here are several questions you can ask to help you get more information on the Tenant. 

When meeting with potential Tenants, use the Rental Application on this site which includes a signed release from the applicant.

Previous Landlord References

When did he/she rent from you?

How long did this person live in the rental?

Did he/she pay the rent on time?

Did they have any pets?

Were there any complaints from other Tenants?

Was there any damage besides normal wear and tear? 

Was the tenant respectful to you and the property?

Did the Tenant give you proper notice to end the tenancy?

Would you rent to this Tenant again?

Employer References

When did the employee start?

What is their position?

Are they full time or part time?

What is their current wage? (Check against the application and pay stubs)



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