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Renting with Pets

Finding a home for you and your pet(s) can be a challenge.  According to apartmentguide.ca, only 15-20% of downtown Vancouver apartment buildings allow cats, and only a few of these allow dogs.

Many Landlords are concerned about renting to people with pets because of the damage they can cause, plus the disruption, noise and/or danger to other Tenants.  According to the Residential Tenancy Guide, a Landlord can decide whether or not they will allow pets.  If pets are permitted, the Landlord can restrict the size, kind or number of pets. The Landlord can also establish pet-related rules and the Tenant must abide by those rules. 

To increase your chances of finding an apartment or house that allows pets, provide references from your previous Landlord and bring along your pet's veterinary records. Be open with potential Landlords about how you care for and clean up after your pet. 


Pet Deposit

Landlords are allowed to ask for a pet deposit, however; the pet deposit cannot be more than half of one month’s rent, regardless of the number of pets. The deposit collected can only be used to claim for damages done by a pet. 

Arbitrated Decisions Regarding Pets

Landlord tries to collect pet deposit

Landlord gives a Notice to End Tenancy because the Tenant has 9 or more cats

Read more decisions at: www.rto.gov.bc.ca

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Tips for Renters with Dogs

Landlords want to protect their investment. As a dog owner, you want to show a prospective Landlord that you are a responsible Tenant and a responsible dog owner.

Here are a few things to consider when renting with dogs:

► Bring your dog along when you meet the Landlord and view the unit, so the Landlord can meet your pet.

► Offer a prospective Landlord the opportunity to visit you at your current residence so he/she can see how well you keep your current home.

► Create a resume for your pet. This can help show a Landlord that you are a responsible pet owner. Include information such as obedience classes, vaccination records and references from dog trainers, pet sitters, nieghbours, etc...

Pets in Tenancies
BC Landlord and Tenant fact sheet on pets.


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