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Moving Checklist

Moving can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many things to think about and moving day can be very stressful. 

Here is a handy checklist to help keep you on track for a smooth move.

Print a copy of this list (pdf)

Research your moving options and decide on a company. Schedule your move far enough in advance to eliminate additional stress and expense. Certain times are more expensive and much busier than others. Don't wait until the last minute to book your move.

Order or find moving boxes and supplies as early as possible so that you can start packing the non-essentials.

Start reducing your belongings. Give away anything you don't want to move.

Make arrangements for mail and utilities.

Transfer school and medical records.

Check out the Canada Revenue Agency website for information on deducting moving expenses from your taxes. Be sure to keep receipts.

If you need insurance for your belongings beyond the standard liability offered by the moving service, contact your insurance agent.

Take inventory. Catalogue items with a video camera or pen and paper as you load them for insurance purposes.

Create a box for important things that you can't replace.  Keep that with you when you move. 

Create an "essentials" box for things you must have on hand until your goods arrive.

Create a "First off the truck" box that contains cleaning supplies, paper plates, toilet paper and other items you will need on your first day in your new place.

Make certain you have plenty of cash on hand before moving day and money in the bank in case of emergency.




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