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How To Call About An Apartment For Rent

When calling about an apartment, call from a quiet place, so you can hear the Landlord.  Itís better if the Landlord doesnít hear a lot of noise (like people yelling or kids screaming) in the background. 

Be sure to have a pencil or pen and write down all the information.  Find out when you could move in. If you already have an apartment, have you given your Landlord one full month's notice as required in BC? 

Write down the name of the person you talk to, their phone number, and the date you made the call, so you can call back to ask more questions or to reschedule an appointment.

If you can't make an appointment to view the apartment, phone to cancel. This is very important because if you've wasted a Landlord's time, you may never get a second chance.  Also keep in mind that, especially in small communities, Landlords talk to each other.   

Questions to ask:

What is the address of the property?

What is the monthly rent?

How much is the security deposit (cannot be more than 1/2  month's rent in BC)

What utilities would I pay?  Do you know how much they usually cost per month?

What date is it available?

Are there laundry facilities available?

Is parking included?

What are your rules about pets?

Is it possible to set up a time to see the apartment?


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