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About TenantsBC                                                         

TenantsBC.ca is dedicated to promoting positive relations between rental housing consumers and providers throughout British Columbia.  By providing information and links regarding rental rights and responsibilities, we help Tenants obtain and Landlords maintain quality, affordable housing.


The business of owning residential rental property in British Columbia is huge.  One third of all the people in our province rent their home.  In order to be successful, you should approach being a landlord in a professional and businesslike manner.  Knowing the Residential Tenancy Act inside and out will help you in protecting your investment.  Not knowing the law can cost you bundles of money. This website offers you forms, publications, information, and links to help. 


You pay good money to live where you do and so you have rights, and also responsibilities. You are protected by the Residential Tenancy Act; however you must abide by it.  This site will help you with  understanding your rights and responsibilities and also how to properly settle disputes with your Landlord.  We have even included links for financial aid such as the Rental Assistance Program, and Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER). 


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