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Rent Increases

A Landlord can increase rent each year up to (but not greater than) the percentage equal to the inflation rate. The allowable rent increase for each calendar year is available on the Residential Tenancy Branch's website. 


Your current rent:


2020 allowable increase (2.6%)


Your new rent


If the Landlord charges an amount higher than the allowable amount, the Tenant does not have to pay the excess rent unless the Tenant has been served with a dispute resolution officer's order allowing the rent increase.


The notice must be served three full months before the rent increase takes effect.

 For example, Jane moved into an apartment on February 1, 2019 and pays rent of $1,000.00 per month.  Her Landlord serves her a Notice of Rent Increase by registered mail on October 20, 2019 to pay rent of $1,026.00 beginning February 1, 2020.  This rent increase was done in accordance with the Act.

If a Tenant has paid an increase that was higher than the permitted amount, the Tenant may deduct the amount from future rent. 

To raise the rent above the permitted amount, the Landlord must have either the Tenantís written agreement or an Residential Tenancy Branch order.  The Landlord has the burden of proving any claim for a rent increase of an amount that is greater than the prescribed amount. The Tenant(s) will have an opportunity to appear at the hearing of the application, question the Landlordís evidence, and submit their own evidence.


But I can't afford a rent increase!

If your Landlord has given you a rent increase and you can't afford to pay, you should talk to him/her about your situation.  If you've been a good tenant, the Landlord may decide to just disregard the rent increase in order to keep you on as a Tenant. 

Read more about financial programs available to BC renters.


2020 Allowable Rent Increase = 2.6%

Official Notice of Rent Increase Form

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